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GPK Marine Management is committed to making QHSE an integral part of our business at all levels of the organisation and in all phases of our processes. Our management system is modelled on the requirements of ISO 9001, ISM and ISPS as our future business growth depends on our ability to continually improve our QHSE performance.

Quality - Our dedicated team ensures that our services are of the highest quality and always conform to clients’ specified requirements. We aim to set ourselves apart from our competitors and give our clients additional advantages by working with us. Our superior performance derives from each individual’s commitment to excellence in service delivery and adherence to the operating processes we have implemented. At GPK, our goal is to bring international best practices to each of our operating locations with the aim to continually improve the way we execute our business.

Health - Thorough risk management methodologies is the cornerstone to our HSE performance. In occupational health we set high standards for the screening and assessment for our personnel’s well being and with the resources and fully qualified medical personnel onboard our Lift-Boats enable proactive health coverage to our workforce.

Safety - GPK’s commitment to safety permeates throughout all levels of the organisation. We strive for an incident-free workplace and we believe that this vision can be achieved through an uncompromising approach to safety. A systematic training and empowerment program ensures that all personnel actively participate in the development of ongoing improvements to an already well-established safety system. Working closely with our clients in the energy market, we ensure that our safety systems meet or exceed their requirements. Any incidents that occur are subject to a full and proper investigation from which we may learn from, in order to prevent similar incidents from recurring.

Environment - As a committed service provider to the energy market, GPK assumes a preventive stance in safeguarding the environment. We strive to educate our employees’ and stakeholders' awareness of issues that impact the environment in which we operate and our commitment to continual improvement and compliance with applicable laws and regulations is our responsibility as a dynamic and progressive service provider to the energy industry in today’s market.

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