Description Self Elevating Service
Year built 1982
Classification ABS
Operator Aqua Diving Services
Country Built Singapore
Flag ST. Kitts & Nevis
Gross Tonnage 1025
Class Notation Self-elevating unit
Overall Length 39.624m
Overall Breath 21.0312m
Overall Depth 3.048m
Estimated Gross Tonnage 1025
Draft of the Vessel (FWD/AFT) 2.0m / 2.2m
Gross Tonnage 1025
Net Tonnage 307
Derricks/Cranes 34T pittbone 14 T pittbone
Jacking System Hydraulic Rack
Leg Length 62.5m
Variable Load 409 MT
Jacking speed 1 m / min
Jacking gearbox Yulsa Vickers
Brake Marco-USA
Main Engine 4 x Detroit diesel engine 12V-71N 261KW
Cylinder Bore 107.95 mm (No. of cylinders: 12)
Working propeller Propeller (bronze) Tailshafts (stainless Steel)
Propeller Speed 6 Knots
Main Diesel Generator 4 x Detroit diesel engine 16V-71N500KW
Emergency generator set Detroit diesel engine
Life Saving Equipments Rescue boat and 4 x Life Raft 25 persons (capacity)
Accomodation 3 Decks with 18 cabins / Control Room Producing / Common Toilet / Common shower room / Bridge / Messroom / Galley / ChEngr Office / Laundry 33 x Bunks (Extra accommodation can be provided).
Fuel Tank Capacity 123.748 mt
Fresh Water Capacity 142.442 mt
Lube Tank Capacity 8.941 mt
Maximum Water Depth 37.0m (Usable Leg)
Wave Height 1.0m
Wind Speed 15 Knots
Design Temperature 50°C / 95% Humidity