Length x Beam x Depth (Overall; w/ protrusions)74.3m x 37.5m x 4m
Length x Beam x Depth (Moulded Regulatory)53.8m x 34.5m x 4m
Draft (Summer Load-Line to Base-Line)2.92m (add 3.05m f/protrusion)
Water Depth Max (f/0 ft Penetr., 10 ft Air Gap, 3 ft Tidal)68.9m Op Man nominal 60.96m f/higher AG & Pen.
Displacement3713.0 LT
Lightship2991.8 LT
DWT716.3 LT
Leg + Pad3 Buoyant Tubular
Leg Length (incl pad) x Outside Dia85.4m x 2.6m
eg Qty & Type3 Buoyant Tubular
Tower Height6.7m
Pad Dimensions14.95m x 8.85m x 1.52m
Pad Pressures Preload (est. 30% disp; max bouy)Varies w/ depth and loading; approx. 1/3 drilling rig
Generators2 x CAT 3412 @ 500 kW ea; parallel (480v/60hz); E Gen CAT 250 kW
Main Engines2 x CAT 3512 @ 1575 bhp ea; tot 3150 bhp
Propulsion2 x stern FPP
Speed Cruising7 knots
Max7.5 knots
Thrustersbow tunnel 500 bhp; SMI 500 DX rev mtr
Fuel Consumption (Cruising)625 L/hr
Fuel Consumption (Idle)42 L/hr
Crane Port (static; max reeving)171.6 MT @ 12.2m; 44.1 MT @ 50.9m lattice boom; 26.4 ST fast line
Crane Starboard (static; max reeving)181.5 MT @ 9.1m; 64.0 MT @ 38.7m lattice boom; 26.4 ST fast line
Jacking & SpeedDouble Rack & Pinion (10/leg); 0.9 to 1.5 m/s; Separate 2 x CAT 3412D for jacking HPU 4500 psig hyd closed: Fairfield T409
RouteInternational; Near Coastal Voyages
Tonnage Gross & Net2559 & 767 Regulatory (ITC)
Hull #1014
Ex. NamesKS TITAN 2
Bunks Total114 in total, including permanent 51 in House and 65 in PAM ; subtract for 24- hr crew etc.
Deck Area Total9,149.32 ft2 [850 m2]
Open & Clear5,920.15 ft2 [550 m2]
Deck Cargo446.4 LT [453.6 MT; 1,000,000 Ibs]
Loading400 Ibs/ft2 [1.95 MT/m2]
Fuel Oil Tank127,314 L [109.49 MT; 33,633 USG]; subtract 5% unfillable & 5% unpumpable
Fresh Water Tank112,340 L [112.34 MT; 29,677 USG]; subtract 5% unpumpable
Liferafts200% (100% per side) for 120 total POB
Fast Rescue BoatSchat Harding MOB 4.5 (6POB); 40 bhp petrol outbcard; davit
Gangways53 ft [16.2m] & 40 ft [12.2 m]
Mechanically Drivenprops, jacking, & auxiliaries – for enhanced reliability
Compressors2×175 psig fr/15 kW @ 67 CFM
Split Engine Room for redundancy in: propulsion, jacking, and electrical generation
Crane Bow-Stbd for Personnel Lifts (additional)
Jetting SystemInternal Manifold Type f/air or water at 1200 psig Water Makers; 2 x 6000 gal/day (Village Maringe; RO Type)
MSD/Sewagef/250 POB (Severn Trent De Nora; Omnipure 12MXMP; GW110)
HelideckNCAA Cert.; D=49.2 ft (15m); 12,000 Ibs (5.4MT); Bristow Appr f/S76
Crane Bow-Stbd for Personal Lifts (additional)Pad Dim: Fwd shown abv; Aft = 38 ft x 40 ft x 5 ft [11.59 m x 12.2 mx 1.52 m]

Tower Height Dim: Aft shown abv; Fwd = 44ft[13.2m]