Year Built2016
Construction YardTriyards ssy
Flag StateTUVALU
Port of RegistryFUNAFUTI
IMO Number9739551
Gross Tonnage5545
Net Tonnage1663
Clear Deck Space1,300 m2
Deck Loading5 MT/m2
Hull Length Overall56.64 m
Length (incl. Helideck)79.76m
Breadth Moulded40.00 m
Depth Moulded5.00 m
Design Loaded Draft3.40 m
Leg Length102.50 m
Usable Length Below Hull86.00m
Maximum Water Depth77.50 m
Leg Diameter3.05 m
Leg TypeTubular
Main Generators4x Caterpillar Model
CAT 3512C
Auxiliary GeneratorsMain generators also work as auxiliary generators
Emergency Generators1x Caterpillar Model CAT
Aft Thrusters2 x Azimuth Stern Drive, Berg MTA
523 Rated Power
1500 kW
Fwd Thrusters1 x Tunnel Thruster, Berg MTT
113 Rated Power
440 kW
Service Speed6.0 knots
Port Crane250 MT @ 7.6m
35.4 MT @ 39.4m Aux
20 MT @43.0m
Stbd Crane250 MT @ 7.6m
35.4 MT @ 39.4 m Aux
20 MT @43.0m
Man Riding2.0 MT @ 43.0 m
Variable Deck Load1320 MT
Stbd Crane250 MT @ 7.6m
35.4 MT @ 39.4 m Aux
20 MT @43.0m
Man Riding2.0 MT @ 43.0 m
Potable Water Tk(C)484,22 Ltrs
Permanent Ballast483 MT
Fuel Oil573,950 Ltrs
TypeRack and Pinion
Number of Pinions42 (14 per leg)
Power SystemFairfield S350 Electric Hydraulic
Jacking Speed3 ft/min
Personnel Capacity151 men (incl. crew)
Room Allotment4 x 1 men cabins
3 x 1 men VIP cabins
72 x 2 men cabins
Water Makers2x 20 MT/day
Submersible Pump2x 275 m3/hr
2x 550 m3/h
Air Compressors2x 49 m3/hr
ComplianceUK CAP 437
9th Edition Sikorsky
Helicopter Equiv.S61 & S92