Year BuiltNewbuild
Notation*A1, Self-elevating Unit, (E) *AMS, CRC,
Accommodation ServiceCPS, UWILD, HELID, PMP, ENVIRO, SMART (INF, SHM, MHM), IDM-A or equivalent
Rawabi JUB 609 is a Jack up Barge4 Cylindrical leg with Rack and Pinion jacking system

Clear Deck area of 1,500 m2

Deck Strength of 5 Ton/ m2

Variable Load of 1,500 Ton
Operating Water Depth from 5m @ LAT to 65m max @ LAT)
Length Overallabt 92.0 m
Breadth Moulded40.0 m
Length Barge66.0 m
Depth Moulded6.10 m
Leg Length107 m
Service Speed6 Knots
Leg Quantity & Type4, Cylindrical
Deck Loading5 ton/m2
Operating Air Gap20m
Variable Load1,500 Ton
Clear Deck Area1,500 m2
Deck Capacity750 Ton
Fuel Oil352 Ton
Fresh Water486 Ton
Main Generator4 x 1,700 kW
Emergency Generator1 x 300 kW
Main Propulsion Thrusters2 x 1,800 kW
Tunnel Bow Thrusters2 x 700 kW
Windlass1 x electro-hydraulic anchor windlass
Jacking SystemElectric — Rack & Pinion
Jacking Speed3 Feet /min
Design Capacity4 x 14 Pinion, 6,160T
Main LEC Crane200 Ton at outreach of 10m and 40 Ton at Maximum outreach of 45m
Secondary LEC Crane200 Ton at outreach of 10m and 40 Ton at Maximum outreach of 45m
Gyro CompassOne (1)
RadarsTwo (2)
AutopilotOne (1)
Echo SounderOne (1)
GPSOne (1)
Chart PlotterOne (1)
AISOne (1)
GMDSS Area'sA1 & A2
Fixed VHF RadiosTwo (2)
Hand-Held VHF RadiosThree (3) + chargers
SSBOne (1)
VSAT SystemOne (1)
TV Sat DomeOne (1)
TelephonesOne (1) per room
Speed Doppler LogOne (1)
Night Vision (Night Color Technology)
Smart motion detection
Covering all external decks, wheelhouse control station & engine room
Covering each crane control room & crane boom
Personnel Cabin Arrangement
Single Berth CabinsEighteen (18)
Double Berth CabinsEighteen (18)
Four-man CabinsTwenty Four (24)
Foreman OfficeOne (1)
Barge Supervisor OfficeOne (1)
Deck Supervisor OfficeOne (1)
Deck RoomOne (1)
Store RoomTwo (2)
Locker RoomOne (1)
Arab LoungeOne (1)
Mess RoomOne (1)
LaundryOne (1)
Paint Locker RoomOne (1)
InternalSOLAS compliant fixed Fire Fighting System

H2S and Hydrocarbon Vapor Sensors covering the entire vessel's exterior (5 points)
SOLAS compliant on LSA Equipment 2 x Enclosed Lifeboat on each side
Helicopter Hosting Area Suitable for AugustaWestland 139 or Equivalent
D Value22m
T Value12.6 Ton
Compliance to CAP 437