General Specifications
Type of VesselSelf Elevating, Self Propelled lift boat
Builder`s Hull NumberC3756
Years Built2011
Official Number16256
IMO Number9701097
Call SignD5FG3
Port of registryMonrovia
Owner / OperatorGDI
Gross Tonnage7395 Tons
Net Tonnage2219 Tons
Length (Included Helideck)85.2 m / 279.5 ft
Length Overall (Hull)63.0 m / 206.7 ft
Breadth (Moulded)52.0 m / 170.6 ft
Hull depth9.315 m / 30.6 ft
Leg Length (Included Spud can)125 m / 410.1 ft
Bow to Fwd Legs11.22 m / 36.8 ft
Bearing Surface per can156.17 m / 1680.99 ft2
Spud Can Dia14.0 m / 45.93 ft
Longitudinal Leg Centers35.46 m / 116.3 ft
Transverse Leg Centers36.62 m / 120.1 ft
Maximum Variable Load Elevated:1900 MT
Maximum Variable Load Afloat:1900 MT
Maximum Water Depth75 m
Total Bed Space158
Max. Persons on Board158 (Safety Certificate)
Main Engines: 4xWarsilla Model 6L26 2040 kW @ 1000 rpm
Main Generators: 4xAlternators model Brushless
1972 ekW or 2465 kVA
IC81W- Watercooled
Emergency Generator: 1xWartsila Cummins VTA 28
625 kVA @ 1500 rpm
Thrusters: 3x @ SternWartsila LCT, Azimuth 360°

Fixed pitch, Clockwise rotation

1750 kW @ 750 rpm / 256 rpm

Diam: 2400mm / Blades: 4
Thruster: 1x @ BowWartsila FT175M-D Tunnel thruster

Fixed Pitch, Bi-directional

750 kW @ 985 rpm / 313 rpm

Diam: 1750mm / Blades: 4
Seawater supply: 2xSubmersible Pumps – 3 Stage Flow max: 500 m3/hr @ 65.4m Motor: 111 kW (150 HP)
Water Maker: 2x Fire Pump Bilge / Ballast PumpReverse Osmosis
1x Gefico AQE-60D: 50 m3 / 24hr
1x Gefico ACE300: 40 m3 / 24hr
Anti Fouling SystemCathelco
Oily Water SeparatorPosidone Evo 5
Sewage Treatment PlantOcean Clean suitable for 150 pers.
Anti Fouling SystemCathelco
Helideck Diameter72.80 ft
Helicopter TypeSilkorsky S92 A S-61N
Max Take off Load and Rotor Diam.9268 kg /18m
Foam System:3x Monitor
Main Crane 300 T (Stb Fwd)

Max windspeed: 18m/s (mean)
Liebherr BOS 7500-300 Litronic

Type: Electro-Hydraulic)

Boom Length: 42 m (47.4 incl Jib)

Main hoist: 300 MT @ 9.4m – 18m radius

Aux Hoist: 25 MT @ 47.6m (All radius)
Aux Crane 100 T (Port mid)

Max windspeed: 18m/s (mean)
Liebherr BOS 4200-100 Litronic

Type: Electro-Hydraulic

Boom Length: 30.7 m (35.6 incl Jib)

Main hoist: 100 MT @ 7.6m – 26m radius Aux

Hoist: 15 MT @ 37.9m (All radius)
Main Deck7.5 MT/ m2
Accommodation Deck0.50 MT / m2
Machinery Deck1.5 MT / m2
Engine Room2.85 MT / m2
House Top1.00 MT / m2
Fuel Oil Tank463.63 m³
Lube Oil Tank6.13 m³
Fresh Water tank606.95 m³
Preload Tank9107.78 m³
Fuel Oil Day Tank32.0 m³
Sewage Holding Tank30.11 m³
Bilge Holding Tank15.05 m³
Void Tank26.86 m³
Legs3x Triangular Lattice / 125 m long incl spudcan
Max Load/Pinion:Normal: 200MT / Preload: 320MT / Storm: 454MT
Spudcans:Diameter: 14m / Projected area: 156,17 m2
Pinions per leg:18
Motors:36 kW each
Jacking Speed:0.8 m/min
Leg Jetting:Triplex Pump
Towing Bridle @ Stern:Main Pendant: 300MT / 71 mm x 15 m

Pendants: 300MT / 71 mm x 20m

Chain: 300MT / 76mm x 4.5m

Delta Plate: 150MT
Anchor Winch:Wire: 48mm x 700m / 175MT
Anchor:Delta Flipper 4.5MT
Smit Bracket:4x150MT 2x @ Bow / 2x @ Stern
Panema Chock:4 x150MT
Bollards:8 x 75 MT Suitable for Mooring
Mooring Rope:220m x 70MT MBL Poly Prop
Max Airgap limitationMain Crane Aux Hoist: 30 m

Main Crane Main Hoist: 30 m

Aux Crane Aux Hoist: 30 m

Aux Crane Main hoist: 30 m

Lifeboat Davits: 30 m

Liferaft davits: 30 m

Liferaft painterlines: 50 m

Submersible Pump & Hose: 28 m
Survival CraftLife Boats: 4 X 80 person

Life rafts: 6 x 25 & 1 x 8 Person

Fast Rescue Boat: 1x 6 persons
Main Navigation EquipmentAuto Pilot, Joystick, Radar, Arpa, GPS, Echo Sounder, Gyro Compass, ECDIS, BNWAS, NDB, GMDSS Equipment.