Wrist Singapore handles urgent deliveries for JUB Pacific Pte Ltd

A case story highlighting how Wrist Singapore provided exceptional service, ensuring reliable and swift deliveries of spares and general stores consumables in Singapore.

As a leading liftboat company, JUB Pacific Pte Ltd required a trusted one-stop supplier capable of handling urgent deliveries within a tight 12-hour timeframe. With most enquiries requiring prompt freight out from Singapore, they sought a partner capable of delivering on-time and in-full with short notice.

Wrist Singapore consistently met JUB’s urgent delivery needs, including freight to Korea and spares delivery to the airport for crew in transit. Their ability to deliver on-time, coupled with clear order processing and proactive communication, solidified Wrist Singapore as a reliable supplier for JUB in Singapore.

JUB expressed their satisfaction, stating:

Wrist Singapore has demonstrated their ability to provide dependable and comprehensive services even when given short notice.

This collaboration has evolved into an exclusive supply agreement for stores.

Wrist Singapore’s connection with JUB Pacific Pte Ltd was fostered through:

  • Prompt response to queries
  • Reliable and complete deliveries on short notice
  • Proactive communication
  • Ease of business


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